Present Conditions

Power Innovations is the leading supplier of LED lamps and related products. The primary target for local markets and industrial projects trying to maintain stable and economical usage of power in the East African market…. Industry Leaders: Power Innovations is the largest supplier of Chandeliers,Light fittings,LED lamps and energy savers, switch gear, electrical accessories and all interior and exterior lighting fixtures, We offer one of the best quality lamps and electrical products which are all ISO, CE and RHos certified. The company’s progress as the primary agents in Kenya….


Nearly 46, employees are employed in the lamps and electrical sector with proffesional experience and knowladge in this industry. With Power Innovations ltd and the number is expected to increase in the coming years as demand for progress is increasing rapidly.

Key Processes

Latest technology and manufacturing equipment has improved the quality of manufacturing of LED lamps and LED fitting, energy savers and various electrical products. The LED AND E/SAVERS by OSRAM and LUMINO are being made fine with advanced equipment. Some of the technological innovations include emergency backup systems control gear, switch gear, interior lamps preparation, and led panel lighting and led touch technology. Manufacturing of LED AND E/SAVERSs starts with the selection of raw materials.